Causes of Obesity

There are many causes of obesity. They may contribute directly or in directly. Environment, genetics, hormones, behavior are the main contributors to obesity.


Environmental influences shaped our habits and lifestyle. Society has developed a more sedentary lifestyle and walking has been replaced by driving cars. Physical activity has been replaced by technology and unfortunately nutrition has been overcome by convenience food due to today’s fast-paced environment.


Science is now discovering how genetics play a role in obesity. We know this to be true as family history greatly increases your risk for obesity. Single genetic disorders can cause obesity but these tend to be more rare. Not all individuals who are predisposed to obesity become obese due to their ability to change their behaviors and environment. Research currently is on going to determine all The jeans which contribute to obesity.


It is easy to adopt unhealthy behaviors in this convenience lined fast-paced environment today. Behavior relates to types of food choices, physical activity, and effort to maintain your health. On average Americans are consuming more and more calories than in past decades. In addition the calories they are consuming often consist of macro nutrients which promote weight gain. As this calorie increase and macronutrient change happens people are not expanding enough energy. Physical activity is in a central component to modifying and shaping behaviors. Television, computers, telephones and other technologies tend to discourage physical activity and only add to our obesity problem.

What can you do?

Deciding what to do can be confusing and we stand here ready to help you.

The first step is deciding to help control your weight. if you were someone you know is obese it is key to address this issue early. This is most important with childhood obesity. It is important to talk with your physician about you or your loved ones weight. There are several methods available to help you

Physician supervised programs provide treatment in the clinical setting with healthcare practitioners such as doctors nurses dietitians and or psychologists. Often these programs are covered by insurance.
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Some programs include counselors, talk therapy, websites or in person support groups. These groups are fantastic resources to gain support for your journey towards a healthy weight.