Community Outreach

Our community outreach programs with local sports clubs and youth athletic organizations enable us to attract sizable audiences and disseminate useful information regarding diet, exercise and preventative strategies to reduce the burden of obesity in our communities!


At the Beat Obesity Foundation, we believe that an integral component of community health and wellness involves teaching at every level. We provide excellent experiences for grade school, middle school, high school, college and professional school students. In addition we offer training and grant opportunities for licensed professionals

We employee educational strategies such as research and summer internships, community health conferences featuring local experts, our annual professional education conferences and partnerships with continuing medical education providers for community-based physicians.

Speakers Bureau

We’re committed to serving all communities, including those with limited resources. Fees range from $50–$20,000 and are negotiated based on availability of preferred speakers and the actual cost of travel and accommodations.

Speakers and sample topics are available. We are also happy to explore a different topic or customize a speech for your audience. Please contact us for more information about topics or bringing a speaker to your community.